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  • Q:  How do you work within schools? A:  Grow TC offers a flexible approach to working with schools, which includes one-to-one sessions with young people, staff coaching and training/workshops to support school staff. We are also able to offer staff peer supervision groups as part of our school offer.
  • Q:  How many sessions will it take? A:  Each person is different so there is not a set number of sessions.  Most young people have 4 to 6 sessions; this is reviewed throughout the therapeutic journey.
  • Q:  How it is funded etc? A:  Funding for private sessions is not currently available, however if we are working in your school then you can access the service as part of the school’s offer. Schools working with us use a variety of budgets and funding including pupil premium to ensure that they can offer the service to their school community.
  • Q:  Do we see adults? A:  Yes, we work with both adults and young people.
  • Q:  Do we provide face-to-face or online sessions? A:  We are able to offer both online and face-to-face sessions.
  • Q:  How do referrals through the site work? A:  All referrals received via the website are totally confidential. A member of the Grow team will contact you (within 2 working days of receiving you making contact) to discuss how we can best support you or your child.
  • Q:  How will I measure if my child is getting better? A:  Most parents are able to see the change in their child/young person as the process develops. We are also happy to feedback where they are in the process and the next steps.  We also routinely use outcome measures scores (also used by the NHS) to measure progress.
  • Q:  How involved will I be in the process? A:  All of our team are experienced in working holistically with families and aim to keep you informed about the therapeutic process throughout. Although we are unable to share what detail is discussed in the sessions,  we can keep you updated on general progress.
  • Q:  Will you tell my parents everything I say? A:  No, we will work within confidentiality and safeguarding guidelines, which means unless you or someone else is at risk we will not share anything discussed with anyone else.
  • Q:  Do we use trainee therapists in schools like other counseling services? A:  NO! We are passionate about ensuring that only the most experienced and specifically trained therapists are working for Grow. Working with young people requires specialist knowledge, skills and training to ensure that young people have a positive experience. This ensures that we can help to avoid the damaging, continuous cycle of referring the young person from service to service. 

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