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Grow Therapeutic Coaching offers a unique and bespoke range of support to help your child. We are all parents ourselves and understand how hard it is to watch your child struggle. We are here to help.

What people say

“Grow has changed the lives of both me and my son; he now has every chance of getting an education and leading a full and fairly typical life. Without them we would have a depressed recluse, unable to face anything. I can’t thank them enough.”

NR, parent of a child with special educational needs


Our approach:

Here at Grow we totally understand just how daunting it can be to find the right mental health support for your child. Many parents approach us with concerns for their child, the care they currently receive or previous negative experiences with services or other therapists.

Let us reassure you with the facts about Grow:

We are all parents and understand just how important your child and their mental health care is to you. We believe in treating all children, young people and their families with the same care that we would expect for ourselves and our families. Because we understand the responsibility that parents feel for the well-being of their children, this means that where possible we aim to include you in therapeutic plan and provide regular updates.

As a consultancy, we have over 35 combined years of working with children/young people. This experience, along with our extensive training means we are confident in achieving the very best outcomes for everyone we work with.

We all have extensive experience of working with children, young people, schools, services and of course their families. What this means for you is that we can work in partnership with services to ensure the absolute best care for your child/young person. If we become aware of additional or more appropriate support services or where we are unable to support, we will give clear guidance on the next steps. This may include your child/young person’s school or other medical professionals. This would be discussed and agreed prior to any action being taken.

We are also able to offer parental coaching to empower parents by providing them with the tools to support their families.

Our Therapeutic Approach:

Our approach respects and understands the importance of having a flexible and adaptable process of therapeutic intervention. This means that all presenting issues will be explored, and we will tailor our work to ensure the best outcomes for every individual. As we have extensive experience, we are able to adapt a wide array of disciplines, bringing them together to achieve our aim of effective and long-term positive outcomes for all of our clients.

For example, we may use one technique to release fears/anxiety in relation to sleep issues and to further support this we will then teach strategies to understand normal anxiety in the body, which will provide reassurance and improve knowledge regarding how to promote positive mental health in the future.

As a parent we understand the mixed emotions faced when your child is struggling with their well-being; we feel responsible, but at times are without the tools to help.


Please don’t hesitate to call for impartial advice and support.

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